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New 2020 Price Sheets But Still Old 2019 Pricing!
That's right! The 2020 Pricing goes into effect July 1st (and we have newly dated 2020 pricing files) but it's the same old 2019 pricing with no price increase at all to any of our current products, options or accessories for 2020!

It's no secret that many of us were concerned that with the material cost increases of last year, fueled with this year's COVID Crisis, that we'd have to increase pricing starting this Summer of 2020. BUT...we've had several main vendors work closely with us to secure material and services pricing at stable rates, allowing us to pass this stable pricing on to our valued customers!

HSA is grateful for its loyal customers! Even with the challenges we've all faced, HSA has been able to stay below the rate of inflation for the last 10 years due to our commitment to investing in more efficient processes and competitive vendor sourcing.

HSA continues to make improvements and upgrades across the product line. We're proud of the service, utility and value HSA rolltop desks, racks and lecterns provide our customers! With dozens of core model designs and hundreds of standard and custom options, HSA has been the "go to" solution for the aesthetic, practical and secure housing of our constantly evolving electronic technologies in the Education, House of Worship and Corporate environments for over two decades.

Highlighted Upgrades & Spec Sheet Collection!
HSA's new features and upgrades includes the new materials and "look" of our redesigned and upgraded RollBases and Slide-Out Upper Rack Bays. And matching our durable High-Pressure Black Matte Laminate Upper Bays and RollBases, our desks feature those same surfaces on their table (equipment worksurface), the undertable transverse bracing, the 10RU undermounted rack floors and the Inspire Rack Series floors. As seen in the High Rise Standard example to the right, a clean black accent shares the front edge finished in the same color as the desk (this one in our Natural Oak). Great durability with long-lasting "good looks", HSA Desks look fantastic in both the traditional and contemporary environments found in Education, House of Worship and Performing Arts venues.
Call or email for latest information on all minor and major changes to HSA's products and features!

Additional changes/upgrades/updates:

➡ Undermounted 10RU Rack depth change to a 19.75” internal clearance measured from rack rail front edge to rack rear cover panel.
➡ New tab-locked backs with easy machine screw removal and re-install for all free-standing racks (DR, TR, CLAS, RR, SLRR and the PR Series). Rear door OPTION of USAVID is key locked.
➡ Minor dimensional changes to High Rise Desk Series top "span”, the under table transverse support braces on all desks,and Inspire rack tops.
➡ Rolltop tambour “stop blocks” are primarily now a larger, durable hard rubber block which softens the audible “whack” of a"let go of" dropped tambour to more of a “thud”. Some units and combinations of options still require custom wooden stop blocks.
➡ Some Stainless Steel packaged optioned desks with certain combinations of other options may be shipped with special tambour return assist/dampers due to weight or angle of pull/release.

High Pressure Laminate Surfaces (Limited Availability)

HSA is introducing, on a limited basis, several optional High Pressure Laminate surfaces that are applied to an entire desk, rack or lectern system. Over the last year or so, we upgraded all desk worksurfaces and several other parts, plus our redesigned caster rollbases for our desks, to be clad with our durable Matte Black High Pressure Laminate surface.

The two images to the right show our Inspire Standard with a caster rollbase (RBASE1-HD) done entirely in our Matte Black High Pressure Laminate surface - even the rolltop tambours! This finish is a great option for educational and theater/auditorium environments.

Below those, you'll see a customized desk based on the Inspire Standard produced in Cinnamon Mahogany High Pressure Laminate - quite beautiful, and very rugged.

To that desks right is our USAVID32 finished in Feather Gray High Pressure Laminate for a contemporary look that'll stay looking great for years to come.

Give HSA a call or email for details on availability and ordering this special option!

RollRacks & Classic Racks features!

HSA's popular "standalone" racks systems, the RollRack Series and Classic Rack Series, share some updates and a new family member.
The main difference between the RollRack Series and Classic Rack Series has been that the RollRacks featured HSA's unique locking rolltop tambour door while the Classic Racks were a lower cost "open face" rack. Now both the RollRacks and Classic Racks are available in 12, 16 and 24 rack units and the rack body dimensions for both series are now identical with a new more conventional depth of 23.50" external. No more remembering different specs! Visit our Rolltop Desk & Rack Gallery for details!
Other new features for both include a new, 3/4" thick rear door assembly secured with two 1/4-20 bolts near the top, with the bottom captured in two grooves machined into the rack floor. For more "abusive" environments, both rack series are available with our special High-Pressure Black Laminate surfaces (inside and out) at the same upcharge as our Natural Cherry option.
Shown at right is a new RollRack16 (item code RR16-II) with the CASTERS option featuring 2" diameter "wide wheel" sidebraking casters. Many options are available for both the RollRacks and Classic Racks giving you choices for rack systems that are functional, secure and visually elegant!

Slide-Out Upper Rack Bays & Caster RollBases!

  Our Slideout Upper Rack Bays feature a super easy to install and remove "bolt-in" system and are now completely self-standing (this feature utilizing a mere 3/4" on each side at the table's rear section). Both feautres make it much easier for installers and end-users alike to remove and re-install the Upper Rack Bays for wiring and equipment changes without requiring two people to do that as with our old system.

   It's so easy to remove our new Upper Rack Bays for wiring access or equipment changeouts: Simply loosening a single socket head bolt on each side allows the entire Upper Rack Bay to slide forward and rest on the desk table top for equipment re-patching. For more extensive work, you can easily remove the entire self-standing Upper Rack Bay and set it anywhere convenient. Re-installation is a breeze as an alignment slot guides the Upper Rack Bay back to its proper position. A quick tightening and it’s locked in! All that plus our new Upper Rack Bays are finished in our new matte black high-pressure laminate surface over our solid multicore plywood for ruggedness, visually blending into the rack mounted electronics.


   Along with our Slideout Upper Rack Bays, our Caster RollBases feature better operability and durability than our previous designs. As seen in the example to the left of our Standard Rolltop with its RBASE1 Rollbase, the rack is supported completely by a 4-wheeled base while an independent 2 wheeled base handles the desk’s opposite side. Unlike the old "one-piece" RollBases, these new open designs allow complete clearance for operator comfort whether standing or seated. This new design allows more flexible, independent movement for less stress to the desk and much easier access to the brake locks on each caster.

   This design features special desk side vertical supports and 12 gauge steel connecting angles with 1/4" full bolt-through hardware on the casters and support structures for single rack systems. Dual racked desks simply use twin, 4-wheeled platforms for unobscured operation. Both 2" side-braked and 4" heavy-duty dual-braked caster versions are available. RollBases add 3.75" to overall height of a desk using the 2" caster versions or add 6.00" overall height with the 4" caster versions. The solid multicore plywood bases are finished in our durable matte black high-pressure laminate surface for years of service.

  Here are the 4" and 2" diameter casters for both our CASTER-HD and CASTER options and our RollBase options. The 4" diameter dual brake stops wheel rotation plus the "swivel" while the 2" caster side-brake stops wheel rotation.

Stainless Steel Rolltop Tambour Option Package

The HSA Stainless Steel Rolltop Tambour System features our Extra Thick Side Wall and Institutional Lock System!

The Stainless Steel option package provides an even higher level of security and flexibility and they look fantastic, too.

(Stainless tambours have additional weight and can require extra opening and closing effort, particularly with certain mixes of desk models and options. Some Stainless Steel outfitted desks will include HSA's Rolltop Tambour Assist mechanism (available as an option on other desks - call for quote). EXTERNAL overall dimensions for EACH desk and rack increase by 1/2 inch. CALL or EMAIL for details. This option is not available for desks exceeding 68" internal left-to-right widths. )



Extra Thick Sidewall Option!

Add Extra Thick Sidewalls to any desk for heavier duty looks and performance. These inch thick "ET" options provide 33% more thickness than our standard walls. The ET options are already included as part of our Stainless Steel Rolltop Tambour option and now you can add it to any desk! The total external overall width dimensions of each desk or rack body increase by 1/2 inch.

Institutional Lock Option!

Add SFIC compliant Institutional Locks to your Rolltop Tambour for extra security and flexibility by adding one ILS option to substitute for each standard lock used in your product or custom design. The "ILS" option adds the heavy-duty interchangeable core format lock with matching key. Plus, a special Control Key is provided for each shipped system for core removal. The ILS type locks are widely used in schools and larger facilities to quickly and easily re-key for security and master key pass.

"The Archives":

Dealers and Consultants -

The following images and descriptions relate to comparing older installed desk systems with newer models. Desks manufactured from about 2007 onward have our current 1.5" wide rolltop tambour slats. Desks manufactured from about 2009 have our current contemporary "trimmed flush" edges. High Rise style desks manufactured from about mid 2017 feature our SlideOut, self-supporting Upper Rack Bays


Updated Series II Desk Design!

We have now upgraded all of our Rolltop Desk line to the new "Series II" edge style originally updated on Executive Racks, RollRacks, Classic Racks & USAVID Podiums. Architects, Consultants and Designers have been requesting this new, contemporary look throughout our line and it is now shipping! The new Series II desks provide easier design integration with each other and all the HSA Racks & USAVID Designs. Plus, it gives the ability to design with optional and exotic wood species veneers or special purpose high pressure laminate surfaces to meet any design and aesthetic criteria (call for quotes!). New electronic specification sheets are being developed as well as a new catalog so feel free to call or email with any specific questions. As a note, all internal dimensions are either the same or even slightly larger with this new Series II upgrade.

Old Desk Edge Trim
New Desk Edge Trim

2010 HREXT Opened

Old Edge Trim
New Series II Edge Trim
New Series-II High Rise Extended Rolltop
Photos above show black arrow pointing at the old style desk side panel edge trim. New Series II desk design has clean, contemporary edges all the way around. The old style desks had a similar "Series II" type edge only on the Upper GlideOut Rack Bays and on the Desk's Top as pointed out by the red arrows, but now this new look is carried through the entire desk design and through our complete desk and rack line. Photo on right shows our new High Rise Extended Series II (HREXT-II) rolltop desk with both of it's Rolltop Tambours opened to show worksurface, Upper GlideOut Rack Bays and the 10 Space Undermounted Rack.
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