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•Dimensions given are typical within tolerances published in our specification sheets.
•Internal dimensions slightly less at lock assemblies and where the rolltop tambour curves.
•All rolltop tambour doors, side drawers, "swing-out" doors and rear doors have locks.

•All rack areas come complete with front mounted 10-32 tapped heavy-duty rack rails (unless ordered without rails or substituted with shelf options).

•Many USAVID Lectern options can interact and modify the layout and dimensions of other options so feel free to email or call HSA when designing and selecting.

•With our ongoing commitment to design and product improvement, specifications and models subject to change without notice.

And Remember Rule #1:
If you can't seem to find it - just call or email! We're happy to help!

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  USAVID Series Podiums/Lecterns The USAVID Series is a broad, feature-rich platform for Audio/Video Presentation. Many standard options are available. A few basic ideas are shown below but be sure to click on the highlighted link at the end to see many different variations and customizations of this very versatile product.

The USAVID is our latest design for a complete family of presentation desk podiums featuring a wide variety of standard options to choose from. Shown here as the USAVID32 version in the basic configuration (upper left photo) and with several options including the keyboard pullout tray, side pullout document camera/projector drawer and rolltop door rack mount with side utility/CPU area. The lower left photo shows the optional keylocked, removable (audience side) access door. The USAVID comes in this 32" wide frame and also in a USAVID24 (narrower) and USAVID44 (extra wide) version. All options available on each size of the USAVID for easy configuration to meet your application. Click below for dimensions and specs (click your browser's BACK button when done):



Call or email for drawings and details!


USAVID32 basic configuration

basic configuration

USAVID32 with several options (closed)

USAVID32 with several options
(closed up)


USAVID32 keylocked door example

USAVID32 Locking Door Option (full access panel, audience side)


USAVID32 with several options (opened)

USAVID32 with several options

USAVID Lectern Options and Customization Examples
3. USAVID32 with drawer and vidbay USAVID32 closeup USAVID32 closed
USAVID32 optioned with both a USKB keyboard/laptop pullout and additional USFDRW "under keyboard" storage drawer. Features locking USTAM32 rolltop tambour door covering USRACK32 rack and CPU bay plus an adjustable and ventilated VIDEOBAY option (center photo detail) for monitors. #10044
4. USAVID dual drawers
USAVID dual drawer opened
Customized USAVID44 with both a USKB keyboard/laptop pullout and a USFDRW "under keyboard" storage drawer. Custom angled and recessed LCD mount and worksurface cable management. USRACK44 19" rack mount plus CPU tower/equipment bay behind a special horizontal running locking rolltop tambour door. #09067
5. USAVID custom mounting closeup
USAVID32 showing LCD, mic, tambour, keyboard pullout
USAVID custom  mounting
Details of a USAVID32 Lectern showing custom modifications for user supplied microphone, LCD monitor in an angled table design and control panels (photo on right shows larger view of top including standard option USKB keyboard drawer). Also included was the USRACK32 option and a custom horizontal running locking tambour door. #09053
6. USAVID white USAVID24 Lectern produced in a special combination of gloss and semi-gloss high-pressure pure white laminates for a high-tech corporate presentation and meeting environment that was designed in stainless steel, white and glass. Also features USFDRW, USRACK24 and a custom cutout for a cable box. #10058 USAVID white closeup 10058
This Ebony Black finished USAVID32 features HSA's unique locking rolltop tambour doors on both the lower rack compartment (USTAMB32 covering the USRACK32) and the control worksurface for both a clean appearance and security (USRTOP32 covering the control worksurface). This design also included a convenient retractable keyboard/laptop worksurface (USKB) and a unique mounting method for non-surface mountable monitors. #11027
8. USAVID 10011 Rear Access USAVID 10011 Top View USAVID 10011
This USAVID32 features a USKB keyboard pullout and a special side-travel locking rolltop tambour door covering the 10RU rack and CPU bay. Shown with dealer supplied microphone shock mount, cable management and special touch screen. Photo on left shows the USDOOR locking rear door panel removed revealing easy equipment and wiring access from top to all the way through the bottom of the USAVID32. #10011
9. Here, a pair of USAVID32's have been customized with "split front", independently dual-locking doors, rather than our rolltop tambour version. The doors are mounted with "Euro-style" articulating hinges for easy adjustability. A totally different and appealing "look". #20167320
10. USAVID44 Just an example of how a basic USAVID44 can be "customized" using just basically standard options! This one uses a USKB, USTAMB44 and a USRACK44 with a pair of "half-sized" USSHELF44's in the left bay area. USAVID44
11. USAVID custom design 11034 USAVID custom design 11034 front USAVID custom desing 11034 open
A USAVID32 featuring locking rolltop tambour doors both on lower rack and CPU bay and on upper worksurface (USTAMB32 covering the rack and USRTOP32 securing the worksurface). Shown with touchscreen and iPad dock (not included) and optional DUALFAN kit (installed in rack side). HSA's unique rolltop doors provide a measure of security not found on conventional lecterns and presentation desks. #11034
A nicely optioned USAVID24 with a USKB Keyboard Pullout and USDCR Right-hand Pullout Drawer for document cams, etc. Also includes a USRACK insert with a specially modified dual "swing-out" locking door set to secure it. Lastly, the slanted dashboard in the top area is removed to provide extra worksurface space. Not shown is the USDOOR removable, locking full length door on the audience-facing side for easy access to the rack rear, wiring, etc. #20198131
A new option for 2020 is shown on this USAVID24 with the new Dual Swing-Out Doors. This option provides a traditional doored front but with the space advantage of two smaller doors that can be comfortably opened in tight quarters. Each door is individually key-locked for added versatility and safety and supported on an extra heavy-duty "Euro" style adjustable hinge system. Also pictured is the USAVID's rear access (with the locking rear door removed) showing the rear of the touch panel (not included-shown for example) and the spacious cable access for it and other dashboard mounted devices.
  Special A/V, Presentation and Teaching Furniture
14. PR1016 with PRPODTOP Although the PR Series is listed in the Desk & Racks Section, its PRPODTOP option gives the PR Series a "dual personality". Here, a PR1016-II, with a PRPODTOP, can double as a slim lectern while still retaining both its vertical rackmount and its totally covering, locking rolltop tambour door! PRPODTOP option closeup
15. AV Maple cart rear view
AV Maple cart front  opened
AV Maple cart front closed
This custom Audio/Video presenters cart features Natural Maple sides and tambour with Matte Black high-pressure laminate top surfaces. An HSA locking rolltop tambour door secures a bay with a 12 rack unit 19" equipment rack with a CPU tower compartment to the side. The bottom edge of the front is gently contoured in so you can easily step close to the cart. A flush mount, locking door provides easy access to the back of the bay. A top grommet and a large floor cutout gives easy cable entrance and exit ways. This unit also features an optional fold-down drop leaf for extra worksurface with easy handling during transport. The AV cart rest on 4, 3" heavy-duty full-swivel casters for easy maneuverability. 13032
16.   This is a closeup of the FOLDDWNR option as pictured on the AV cart described above. The FOLDDWNR or FOLDDWNL (right or left-hand mounted respectively) option provides an additional worksurface for racks & carts. Sturdy locking support arms easily disengage with a squeeze. AV drop leaf detail
17. avp avp rear avp closeup
Another version of our Audio/Video presenters cart highlights the installation of a monitor arm support, microphone shock mount and tabletop cable management. As with the Natural Maple & Matte Black finished AVP cart shown before, a flush mount, locking door provides easy access to the back of the 12 RU rack bay. The Audio/Video presenters cart is shown here with 4, 3" heavy-duty full-swivel casters (front two locking) for easy maneuverability. #10017
This custom dual-racked instructor's cart features special 270 degree hinged locking doors which enables those doors to be fully swung around to lay against the rack's sides and out of the way! A Matte Black high pressure laminate surface with extra overhung edges features convenient cable grommets and can be custom machined for a variety of AV or electronic system recessible equipment. With 6 heavy-duty locking casters for roll-ability and support, machine screw secured, removable, fully-finished rear panel, and plenty of bottom exiting and rack-to-rack cable access, it's a great design for education environments. Shown here with our Warm Cherry finish on plain-sliced oak. #18016
  A great new teaching station design whose wide, multi-level format, with lots of rack space, is especially suited for Music Directors who need room for keyboards, DAWs, laptops and auxiallary rack gear in an easier to use - seated or standing - mobile platform. Beautiful, yet rugged, with our durable high-pressure Matte Black worksurfaces and fully locking 4" heavy-duty casters bolted through steel bottom and side support brackets. #19039


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