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Options, Customizations and Accessories
for Your HSA Rolltop Desk, Rack or Podium!
1. Modesty Panel  On Desk Modesty Panel Off Desk Modesty Panel Option

An optional removable finished lower rear panel for our Rolltop desks. The Modesty Panel covers the normally open, lower rear portion of our desks to help hide open rolltop tambours, undermounted racks, wiring, operator's chair, etc. Secured with truss head machine screws for easy removal, it's shown installed on left and removed on right photo. (Pricing is for Modesty Panel ordered and shipped with desk. Note that Modesty Panels are already included with all Inspire Series Desks).


Middle Access Panel

The Special Middle Access Panel for Inspire Series Desks creates a finished, large cable chase or equipment cavity between it and the normal, Rear Modesty Panel. A rear Modesty Panel is always included with our Inspire Series Desk & Rack Combinations. The additional Middle Access Panel is a great option when cabling or other equipment needs to be nicely hidden and secured. Upper left photo shows Middle Access Panel in place while the lower right photo shows the normal Rear Modesty Panel. Both are easily removable and secured with machine screws. Shown here on an Inspire Extended Desk Body. (Note: Placement, size and application of Middle Access Panel may be contingent other options selected. Please call for design assistance.)


Stainless Steel Rolltop Tambour Option Package

The HSA Stainless Steel option is engineered from our new Extra Thick Side Wall option, Institutional Lock System, and, of course, the interlocking, heavy-duty stainless steel tambours themselves!

This engineering combination provides a higher level of security for those special applications and they look fantastic, too!

(Stainless tambours have additional weight and can require extra opening and closing effort, particularly with certain mixes of desk models and options. This option is not available for desks exceeding 68" internal left-to-right widths. The total external overall width dimensions of each individual desk or rack body increases by 1/2 inch. Call or email for details.)

4. Extra Thick Side Option Extra Thick Side Option

Extra Thick Sidewall

Add Extra Thick Sidewalls to any desk for heavier duty perfor-mance and bolder appearance. These inch thick "ET" options provide 33% more thickness and mass than our standard walls. The ET option is already included as part of our Stainless Steel Rolltop Tambour option and now you can add it to any desk! The total external overall width dimensions of each desk or rack body increase by 1/2 inch.

5. ILS Lock ILS Lock

Institutional Lock System

The ILS Option is a heavy-duty, SFIC compliant lock preferred by many schools, colleges and corporate clients for its strength and easy ability for "master-keying" and quick re-keying by the end-user. The ILS option includes the lock body, and an installed core with matching key. A control key for core removal is supplied with each system order containing ILS options.

6. PASSTHRU knee-well cut-away option for dual adjacent desks PASSTHRU option closeup

Cut-Away on Mirrored Desk Walls

This option reshapes the joined (bolted together) sidewalls of adjacent desks with a "cut-away" to create an easier "passthrough" for chairs and legs passing between the desks. Great for multiple operators or a single operator handling the controls for two desks.

7.PLUS4 extra height option

PLUS4, HRPLUS4 & INPLUS4 Extra Height For Clearance

These options provide four inches (4") of additional height from the tabletop upward on standard design desks. Allows extra rolltop clearance (or Upper Rack Bay clearance on High Rise version desks) for mixing consoles with larger meter bridges and video monitors (often ordered along with our VIDEOBAY option for extra clearance). Photo shows 2 Extended Rolltops (EXTRT's) with the PLUS4 option on the left desk. PLUS4 applies to low-profile desks, HRPLUS4 applies to High Rise version desks and INPLUS4 applies to the Inspire Series desks (where the sideracks also 'grow' taller to match the desk body). Be sure to always double check your actual equipment measurements for needed clearances. Also available in new "PLUS5" versions for 5" of additional height (not pictured). Click here for more dimensions.


DEPTH34 & DEPTH39 "front-to-back" change

Conveniently change between the Standard family's 34" front-to-back (depth) dimension and the Extended family's 39.125" depth dimension. You can apply a DEPTH34 to an "Extended" depth desk to narrow it, or apply the DEPTH39 to a "Standard" depth desk for extra space. Shown at left is the DEPTH34 option applied to our Extended Rolltop (EXTRT-II) showing the new, narrower side profile of 34"

9.Viedo Bay option

Adjustable Video Recess Bay Option

An adjustable drop down platform to provide a recessed area for Video Display Monitors. Can be a 20" wide area at the left or right rear side of a desk's table (left photo) or across the entire rear of the table on Inspire or Extended style desks (measurement would be the entire inside width of the particular desk as in right photo). The 7.25" wide shelf (measured front-to-back) is adjustable from 0" to 9" down. Takes only 5.25" from the rear of the table dimension and still leaves 1.125" of clearance between the shelf and the back where the rolltop tambour retracts. Recommended ordered along with the various versions of the "PLUS" height options and NOUPPER option for even more clearance. (Monitors and Monitor Support Arms not included. Desks shown here also have one of the "PLUS" height type options. The "PLUS" height options are strongly recommended in order to clear the height and viewable screen of most displays).


Articulating, Flat-Panel Monitor Support Option

This high-quality, articulating LCD video monitor support is great for allowing freedom of movement and view for the operator. Adjustable tension to allow monitor "float" for easy, balanced positioning. Several mounting options. MONARMAC pictured at far right for the heavier iMac display. (Also see view of MONARM in right hand photo above with "all across the table rear" style VIDEOBAY option. Extended Body Desk shown here with PLUS5 option).

11. Standard on Rollbase with standard casters Inspire Rolltop Custom on rollbase with heavy duty casters

Photo at far left shows our Standard Rolltop model on its 2-piece RollBase with 2"casters (RBASE1). Right photo is an Inspire High Rise Extended model, with an additional rack, on a twin platform RollBase with 4" heavy-duty casters (RBASE2-HD). The racks are bolted to the desk body for rigidity and the platforms support both the racks and desk sidewalls.




Newly Redesigned RollBase Option (shown above)
Optional rolling platform to support our Rolltop desks on 2" low profile, business machine side-brake casters or on 4” diameter, heavy-duty, dual-braking casters. Our new design features special desk side vertical supports and 12 gauge steel connecting angles with 1/4" full bolt-through hardware on the casters and support structure as seen in these photos. Unlike the old "one-piece" RollBases, this new open design allow complete clearance for operator comfort whether standing or seated. On ADA accessible option desk models, it allows for compliance by not obstructing floor clearance. The solid multicore plywood bases are finished in our durable matte black high-pressure laminate surface for years of service. Great for semi-permanent situations or just for maintenance and access considerations. RollBases add 3.75" to overall height of a desk using the 2" caster versions or add 6.00" overall height with the 4" caster versions. (Prices are for Rollbases shipped with matching desk. May be shipped partially disassembled. Other caster options available for racks. See Specification Sheet for drawings and details).

Turret Style Dual Angled Rack Insert-

3 versions of our new Turret Style Rack Insert are available for our High Rise Extended, Rolltop Custom and Rolltop Custom Quad based designs. This is a great way to mount rackmountable mixers, video switchers, controllers, processors and displays! Available as either 9RU upper by 8RU lower rack spaces, 6RU by 10RU or 5RU by 12RU angled configurations in place of the desks full Upper SlideOut rack bays. Can be ordered with an appropriate sized Alternate Upper Rack Bay as shown in the right image. Shown as right-handed versions in these two photos but can be ordered as either right-handed or left handed. (Note: Cannot be ordered with an undermounted rack on same side as turret rack nor on 34" Depth desks).


13. 1x3 upper 2x3 upper 3x3 upper

Alternate Upper Rack Bays -

Available in 3 standard versions as a "no charge" substitution for the normal Slide-Out Upper Rack Bays in our High Rise Standard, High Rise Extended, Rolltop Custom and Rolltop Custom Quad-based desks. This is a great way to have some additional eye-level rack space while opening up the adjacent table top clearance for video displays or taller mix consoles. Clearance under the "racked" area remains a nominal 8.875" while the adjacent "open" area is the same as our NOUPPER options at 16.75" from table surface to the underside of the rolltop mechanism. Available in 1x3RU, 2x3RU and 3x3RU models (3x3RU will not fit desks smaller than the Rolltop Custom). These rack bays are built identically to the normal Slide-Out Upper Rack Bays, and supported from the table top and either desk side wall. They are shipped as conveniently field installable (hardware included) either for right or left-handed use. All that plus our new Upper Rack Bays are now finished in our new matte black high-pressure laminate surface for ruggedness, visually blending into the rack mounted electronics.

14. NO UPPER Slideout Rack Bay option shown RTCUS with upper rack bay for comparison No Upper SlideOut Rack Bays (NOUPPER)
All "High Rise" style desks (those with the Upper SlideOut Rack Bays above the table) can be ordered without those racks to provide a high vertical clearance of 16.75" between worksurface and the rolltop mechanism. Great for video monitors or mix consoles with tall meter bridges, etc. The Rolltop Custom at far left without the upper bays creates clearance for a monitor (monitor not included). A normal Rolltop Custom with its Upper SlideOut Bays installed is shown on the right for comparison. See Tambour Support description below.Click here for more dimensions.
15. NOUPPER Tambour Support
On RTCUS and RTQUAD sized desk bodies, a vertical tambour support is added with the NOUPPER or UPPER1X3 options and can be field positioned around the rear center of the table. Shown to the left is an INSQUAD-II with INHRPLUS5 option plus the NOUPPER option. Nearly 22" of vertical clearance!
16. Rear Accessway  option shown covered Rear Accessway option showing panel removed Rear Accessway Option

The optional accessway provides a cutout or multiple cutouts (depending on desk model) in the structural upper rear panel of the desk. Shown closed in the left photo, the Rear Accessway Option is completely covered with a finished panel matching the desk and secured with truss head Phillips screws for easy removal. Shown open in the right photo, this option provides easier access to the back connector fields of mixing consoles and the Upper Rack Bays of the High Rise style desks (also applies to low-profile desks and Inspire Sideracks). Especially beneficial for larger, heavier, more tightly wired consoles and rack systems.

17.Glideout Lower Rack option No Lower Rack(s) on desks (NOLOWER1 & NOLOWER2)

Order any of our desks without the undermounted 10RU rack (or racks). NOLOWER1 applies to the first undermounted 10RU rack removed (and either a left or right one on the larger, dual-racked desks. NOLOWER2 applies to the second undermounted 10RU rack removed on a dual-racked desk. Great for extra legroom or where a rack is not needed.

18.Cover options

Dust Covers & Padded Covers Option

Protect your HSA furniture and equipment with these high-quality custom fitted covers for each model of desk, rack and podium. Available in non-padded and protective padding versions and in several colors. A hook and loop seem makes covering and uncovering easy, even for one person handling a large desk!

19.Rack on operator's left hand side option

"Rack on Left" Option

Desks with single undermounted equipment racks are normally shipped with that rack built on the operator's right-hand side. Desks can be ordered with the rack on the left side as shown here. No extra charge.

20.Rack Center Option on Rolltop Custom Quad

"Rack Center" Option

Larger desks such as the Rolltop Custom Quad (pictured at left with an optional Modesty Panel as well) can be customized for a single, undermounted 10RU rack bay in the center of the desk, creating extra legroom for two seated operators (Note: DO NOT apply the NOLOWER option when using the RACKCTR option and this is an extra charge option).



Here's a USAVID32 Lectern outfitted with the unique USRTOP32 Locking top rolltop option PLUS a lower USRACK32 19" rackmount secured by a locking USTAMB32 rolltop door. These unique Lectern options are great solutions for teaching and presentation environments but could even be used for a standup control position for many of today's compact audio, lighting and video mixers! Options also pictured here are a customized videobay dashboard and fan system. Available on all USAVID sizes.

22.Rack back door options

Rear Door Panel Options for Racks

The tabbed and screw secured rear door on our Classic, RollRacks, PR's, DR's &TR's can be modified with ventilation slots (RVENT option shown in left image) or with a temperature-sensed twin cooling fan system (DUALFAN option shown in right image). The standard door for all racks is shown in the center image. Far right image shows RVENT applied to desk undermounted rack rear panels.


Classic Rack DOOR option

The Classic Rack series is available with an optional flat-panel door featuring special 270 degree opening "swing-back" adjustable hinges allowing the door to fully open and lay flat against the side of the rack. Center image shows door in fully opened position. Includes our standard door lock. Far right image shows our clear acrylic PLEXDOOR option (plus you can see the RVENT option applied to the rear panel and the standard, included access cutouts and venting on the rack floor and cable way through bottom of rear panel).


USKB for Inspire Racks

The USKB option provides a convenient pullout platform for most keyboards and laptops (4RU of rackspace is utilized for this option). Shown here applied to an INS18RK-II rack with a NATMAPLE finish and Stainless Steel package option. The USKB option is also available on the USAVID Lectern Series.

25.FOLDOWNR option


INSHRS Fold down option

Folding Side Shelf Option
(FOLDDWNR for operator's right side or FOLDDWNL for left)

Folding side shelf available for Classic Racks, RollRacks, PR's, DR's and TR's. Provides a convenient, easy to lift, lock and release side shelf/worksurface supported by a pair of heavy-duty folding steel supports. PR1416-II at far right shows the FOLDDWNR option along with a DUALFAN and PRMIXTOP option (the PRMIXTOP allows you to simply lay a mixer or piece of equipment into the top of a PR without rackmounting it). The Folding Shelves are also available on many other products such as the INSHRS-D desk in the middle image.

26.Silver hardware option

Satin Silver Hardware Option

By popular request, we are now offering a "satin silver" finish color hardware option for all products. This replaces our polished brass handles, locksets, nameplate and the truss head screws used for modesty panels and accessways. Looks particularly good on Natural Maple and Ebony finished desks!

Please note that many of the Options, Customizations and Accessories can only be added/selected at time of order for current model year desks & racks. Call for older or custom products.
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